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Why Is My Trash / Recycling Service Changing?

State Law SB 1383 requires a 3– Cart System (organics, recycling, and trash). Implementation of this law began January 1, 2022. If a jurisdiction does not comply, it will be assessed fines for non-compliance. The City of Wasco awarded a residential recycling collection contract to American Refuse. The City of Wasco awarded a commercial collection contract to American Refuse for recycling and organics collection. The City of Wasco will retain organics (green cart) and trash for residential collection. The City of Wasco will retain the trash for commercial businesses collection

Residential Premises Collection:

Trash cart and Organics cart – City of Wasco

Blue Recycling cart – American Refuse

Commercial Collection (Schools, Multi-Family Dwellings (MFD), Businesses):

Trash – City of Wasco

Organics (green waste/food waste) and Recycling (blue) – American Refuse

What Is Cal Recycle? What Is SB 1383?

Cal Recycle is a division of the California Environmental Protection Agency - CALEPA.
Please visit the Cal Recycle website for more information on SB1383 and other mandated recycling laws. At

Why Do I Have A Recycling (Blue) Cart?

SB1383 is a Green House Gas Reduction (GHG) bill that was signed into law in 2016. SB 1383 has mandated the 3- cart system in most jurisdictions throughout the state. While Wasco did have the organics/green cart, the City needed to add the blue recycling cart to be compliant with state law. 


Do I Have to Subscribe to All 3 - Carts (Organics, Recycling, and Trash Carts)?

Yes, Wasco does not qualify as an exemption from this state law.

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When Will I Get My New Cart?

Wasco cart distribution is the week of March 6-10, 2023. You will be receiving your new cart curbside. Why? The reason why you will be receiving your cart curbside is to make sure it is ID'd to your house. Each cart will be linked to your specific address.

Where Will My New Recycling Blue Cart Be Serviced?

Your pick up service will be where your other cart/s are currently serviced.

For example:

*If you are a current curbside customer, your cart will be serviced where your other cart/s are currently serviced. Your pick up day will be every Friday.

*If you are a current alleyway customer, your cart will be serviced in the alleyway with your other cart/s are currently serviced. Your pick up day will be every Friday.

We highly recommend that you do not leave your cart out after service to avoid others contaminating your cart or stealing your cart.

How Do I Know What Goes In My New Blue Recycling Cart?

1) Your new cart will have a label on it that shows what can and cannot go in the blue recycling cart. 

2) You can download the American Refuse app and use the “Waste Wizard” to find out "what goes where?” Click here to download with Google Play or Apple Store.

3) Upon receiving your new cart, you will also receive a trifold brochure showing "what goes where". 

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Download Our App! 

Never miss your service day. You can request a reminder for the night before or morning of. This is also helpful during holidays when service days could be moved. The app will automatically update for you! 

Click here to download with Google Play or Apple

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How Do I Know When My New Pick-up Service Day Will Be?

You will be notified as your new services start. City of Wasco residential blue cart pick up will be every Friday. Please place your carts out for collection the night before or day of service before 6:00 a.m.

Can I Get More Cart/s?

Yes, please contact the City of Wasco at  661-758- 7230

Can I Still Take My CRV To A Buyback Center?

Yes, you can still take your CRV to buy back centers. Please note all the other items that can be recycled in your blue container besides just CRV. Glass, junk mail, tin cans (washed), newspapers, cardboard, and more! You can use our Waste Wizard located on the homepage and avaible in our app.

How Do I Pay My Bill?

The City will continue to bill you monthly for the service/s. Payment method will remain the same. Please see the following link for information on City bill pay. You may also call City of Wasco Finance at 661-758-7230

I Have A Damaged/Stolen Cart?

For Blue Recycling Cart -Please call American Refuse at 661-758-5316. 

For Green Organics or Trash Cart - Please call City of Wasco 661-758-7230

The App Wont Give Me My Information

Please wait for your rollout date and it will update with all your information.

Can I Leave My Cart/s On The Sidewalk, Curb/Gutter, Or On The Street Past My Service Day?

No, the City has been asking that you return your cart/s to the side of your house or gate or out of the "public right of way". You may place your cart/s out the night before or day of service. After your cart/s have been serviced, please return them to the designated spot.

I Am A Current American Refuse Blue Cart Recycling Customer. What Do I Do?

As of March 2023, you should have recieved a letter from American Refuse with instructions. If not, please call our office at 661-758-5316.  As a current customer, you can opt to continue service and have an additional blue cart or you may discontinue service and we will pick up your old cart when you recieve your new blue cart through the City. 

Can I Spray Paint My Address on My Cart/s?

No, we would prefer you not spary paint your address on your cart/s. In the event you do, we will most likely remove it from the cart/s.  Each cart has a serial number that is assigned to your account/address. If it is lost or stolen, we will do our best to locate it. Most of the time, lost carts are a result of a neighbor accidentley bringing in the wrong cart. 


What Is The Sizing Of My New Residential Blue Recycling Cart?

cart sizes

Easy To Open Lids With Handles 

Sierra Container lid

Why Do My Cart/s Need To Be Three (3) - Feet Apart? Six (6) - Feet From Vehicles? 

To service your cart/s the collection truck has a side arm with a gripper that extends to grab the cart/s. The gripper needs to be able to get around your cart/s and between them to grab them to service them. We would prefer the cart/s be 6 feet away from any vehicles, boats, rv, etc so we can safely collect items from your cart/s

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Have Questions About Your Blue Cart? Did Your Blue Cart Get Missed? Give Us A Call!

American Refuse Office:

Our office is located at 1316 "J" street, Wasco, Ca.

Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30 a.m. -4:00 p.m.

Phone: 661-758-5316

 Did You Know We Offer A FREE Drop-Off For Sharps & Pharmaceutical Disposal? 

Bring your used "sharps" (needles, syringes, and lancets) or pharmaceutical waste to our FREE disposal drop off located in front of your office at 1316 ‘J” Street, Wasco. Please keep these items out of the organics, trash, and recycling. Pharmaceuticals are harmful to our enviroment when discarded improperly. Sharps cause danger to workers at the sortlines. Please dispose of these items properly. 


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